About EASY SMEAR - EasySmear



EASY SMEAR tool was patented and produced after an innovative idea in order to bring convenience to the patients and it was put on the market by obtaining CE certificate and ISO certificates. It was first tested with a study by Prof. Dr. Haldun Güner at Gazi University and presented at the 13th IGSC CONGRESS in 2010, where it was seen that while the rate of getting enough cells in the smear taking of the gynecologist was 89%, this rate was 72% by using this tool by the patients themselves.

In the following years, the tool was revised again and produced to be more ergonomic and effective, and a study was conducted under the direction of Prof. Dr. Özlem Evliyaoğlu and it was concluded that it can take enough cells for cytological examination and can also capture cervical preinvasive lesions. (The study is in the process of revision and has not yet been published) In this process, all documents were renewed and UTS registration was also made.

The project was first commercialized in the world by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cihangir Çakıcı and attracts a lot of attention in foreign fairs.

While taking cells from the end of transformation is the most important element for effective smear collection, it is also possible to take cells from the posterior fornix. However, although this method of collection varies depending on the patient or assisting health personnel, the results show that enough cells can be taken.

It is very valuable for our country to put it into practice in terms of being an innovative idea and being an example for this kind of research, which is rare in medicine.