FAQ - EasySmear



You can get it from our website at www.easysmear.com by making a payment after selecting the appropriate product.

Easy Smear is presented in sterile packages. It is made of material suitable for skin contact. It is disposable because it is sterile. No allergic reaction has been recorded so far.

As soon as you do the test, you need to put the brush tip in the cell protective solution. If you are going to ship by cargo, you need to deliver the cargo within 5 calendar days. We deliver the solutions we receive to our contracted laboratory, then we wait 1 or 2 weeks depending on the test you want. As soon as your test is run by the laboratory and the report is produced, it is interpreted by our gynecology specialists. If the test result is normal, we will return to you by e-mail with this information, if a positive finding is detected, we will call you with comments on this subject and send you your report by e-mail.

You should make an appointment with your gynecologist / gynecologist as soon as possible and start your treatment process. There will be different treatment methods depending on which stage you are at.

Your health is under control. We recommend that you regularly take this test once a year and keep a close eye on your health.

All products in the Easy Smear box are for single use only. A second use is not possible. You need a new package to test again.

After testing the Easy Smear, the tip of the brush should be removed and placed in the cell preservative solution. With the brush tip in the cell preservative solution, the samples will be protected by the solution. Considering that there may be some time in the cargo, it should be shipped at the end of 5 calendar days at the latest.

In our studies, sufficient cells were obtained from both endocervix and ectocervix cells in all patients.

You can take your own sample by following the Easy Smear instructions step by step, or you can have your sample taken with the help of health personnel.

 Since the brush tip of the Easysmear Tool uses a double-controlled locking system, there is no possibility of it getting stuck inside.

You can view the content via the Corporate / Quality menu of our website www.easysmear.com.

After you drop your sample into the cell preservative solution, you should send it by cargo up to 5 calendar days if the slang time and the time to be spent in the laboratory are calculated.

Our preference is that this should not happen, but if it does, please contact us after placing your sample in the cell protection solution. At the same time as we send your solution to the laboratory, we will also report your situation to our laboratory, and we will evaluate whether our laboratory has an impact on the result or not, depending on the situation you have reported and the situation in your solution. We have seen cases where it has no effect, but it can have an effect. It is all about what it comes into contact with and how long it lasts. You can also purchase a new Tool for peace of mind.

If my smear test result is positive, do I need to take a sample again if I also want HPV to be studied, can it be studied on the same solution? Is there an extra cost for this?

If you return to us within a short period of time after receiving your test result so that it can be tested on the same solution, we can contact the laboratory and arrange for a study to be performed on the same solution, but there will be an additional fee for this. Solutions sent to the laboratory are destroyed after a certain period of time, so we need to get back to the laboratory as soon as possible.

If you have no sexual experience, there is no need to use the test, in fact it is inadvisable.

It is recommended that women have a smear test 3 years after their first sexual intercourse, or annually if they are 25 years or older.

The brush tip used in Easy Smear is tapered and has twice as many bristle tips as conventional brush tips, so it can collect more cell samples. In addition, a speculum is required for the brush to advance without picking up tissue or fluid until it reaches the right spot, whereas Easy Smear does not need a speculum thanks to the transparent protectors around it. This is a very important difference.

Cervical cancer can recur after completion of the first treatment. Do not miss your check-ups.