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How to use

How to use

EASY SMEAR is very easy to use, simply follow the instructions for use that come in the box or the steps on our website.

EASY SMEAR is very easy to use...

Tear the sterile packaging of the EASY SMEAR Tool and remove it by holding the body part.



Squeeze the lubricating gel onto the EASY SMEAR Tool.

Lie on your back with knees pulled toward the abdomen and legs spread out to the sides.

With one hand, spread the labia at the vaginal opening slightly to the sides and gently insert the EASY SMEAR Tool with lubricant gel into the vagina.

Insert the EASY SMEAR Tool into the vagina up to the separator ring. Then lower the appliance slightly downwards from the body.

Then push the plunger on the back of the EASY SMEAR appliance forward. Turn it 3 full turns in the same direction and slowly pull the plunger all the way back again.

Remove the EASY SMEAR Tool from the vagina, making sure that the brush protector unit is closed (the plunger is pulled all the way out).

Push the plunger at the back of the Tool forward. The sample collector brush at the end of the Tool will be exposed. With the other hand, remove the brush from the Tool and gently drop it into the cell preservative solution or apply it to the slide.

Your sample is ready for analysis.

Hpv and smear (cervical cancer screening) can be performed on the sample taken.

Accuracy rates of analysis results are 15 days when viewed immediately on the slide and 15 days when stored in cell preservative solution. It is recommended that the cell preservative solution is delivered to the laboratory within 7 days or shipped within 5 days.