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Who can use EASY SMEAR

Who can use EASY SMEAR

This tool can be used by women who do not want to be examined when they go to a gynecologist due to vaginusmus.

If there is vaginal narrowing or dryness due to menopause, women who feel pain or pain when using a vaginal speculum can use it.

Women who have regular check-ups in the laboratory but cannot go to the gynecologist regularly.

Women who are hesitant to go to a gynecologist after a suspicious sexual intercourse but want to be tested for HPV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Women who suspect vaginal yeast but do not have time to see a gynecologist, but want to be tested for the right treatment.

A doctor or health worker can check your own blood values, but cannot do your own pap-smear test with a conventional smear brush. However, by using Easy Smear, anyone who follows the instructions in the user manual completely and correctly, will be able to easily take their own sample.

If the patient has no complaints of discharge, intermittent bleeding or if there is no condition that requires looking across with a speculum; taking the cells with EASY SMEAR by the gynecologist will increase the comfort of the patient. For this reason, it is a method that can be preferred in gynecological examinations.